What We Do

Subjective creates strategies, concepts, and communities to inspire a human-kind future. We combine creative research with machine perception to unlock profound insights and develop innovative new concepts.

  • Creative research - The best way to understand beautiful human complexity is to engage a diverse group of people in extended interviews, playful scenarios, and inventive workshopping. Our approach combines emotion elicitation, ethnographic fieldwork, and design activities.

  • Machine-perception - Artificial intelligence is its own kind of creativity. We're keen on affective computing and emotion tech, but we think it can do more to generate ideas rather than categorize and classify human beings. We use perceptive AI to reveal provocative patterns and uncover invisible insights.

  • Concept design - Future concepts that feel real and relatable act as a strategic guide for innovation and prompt for further discussion. In collaboration with your patrons, customers, or team, we generate new ideas that can

  • Community building - Through talks, workshops, and other events, we spark discussions and empower people to make positive change by focusing on the emotional side of technology.

Founded in 2020, Subjective's partners and clients continue to grow, including Google, IKEA, and Philips. The Subjective team includes a core group of designers, researchers, and technologists alongside a growing network of multidisciplinary collaborators in psychology and the arts.